Hely Weber Titan™ Wrist - Lacing Orthosis

The adjustable pull and lacing system allows you to fasten this wrist support with one hand.

  Titan Wrist Orthosis by Hely Weber.
Titan Wrist Orthosis
Regular Length HW-450

Titan Wrist Support, Long Version.
Titan Wrist
Long Version. HW-452

Easy Application Wrist Support.
Easy One Pull Design for Easy Application.


 The Titan Wrist Orthosis is useful in treating the following:

  • Constructed of soft, comfortable orthopedic felt laminated to brush nylon exterior.

  • Adjustable pull and lacing system fastens with one hand.

  • Anatomically contoured palmal stay is malleable for customization and removable for “step-down” rehabilitation.

  • Universal size fits from 4˝" - 9˝" wrist circumference.

  • Available in Regular and Long lengths.

  • The brace fits below the palmar crease for full finger dexterity.

  • Dorsal stay pod can be moved proximal or distal for desired level of dorsiflexion restriction.

  • On small hands, the eyelets will clamshell over the laces for a smooth overlap.

Sizing for Titan Wrist Orthosis by Hely Weber

Available in Regular and Long Length Versions

Size Wrist Circumference Regular Length
Item #
Long Length
Item #
Universal 4˝" - 9˝" HW-450-L (Left)
HW-450-R (Right)
HW-452-L (Left)
HW-452-R (Right)

Left or Right  

Price $24.95 HW-450 Regular
Price $31.95 HW-452 Long

  Tiny Titan Wrist Support by Hely & Weber.
Tiny Titan
Children's Wrist Support


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